Hong Kong deepens its anti-democratic political purge

This article was originally published under the headline “Can Hong Kong’s activists for self-determination get a second chance in politics?” on 31-October-2018 by Jeffie Lam, SCMP. Link to original article: HERE

Recent spate of disqualifications may show an administration taking seriously President Xi Jinping’s warning not to cross ‘red line’ of threatening sovereignty Continue reading “Hong Kong deepens its anti-democratic political purge”

International solidarity actions with Hong Kong democracy struggle


Protests in 25 cities around the world on May 4 against attacks on democratic rights

By Stop Repression in Hong Kong

May 4, 99 years after the historic 1919 movement for democracy and modernisation in China, was the date of international solidarity demonstrations organised by the international campaign, Stop Repression in Hong Kong. The demands of the protesters were against manipulation of elections and banning of candidates in Hong Kong, Continue reading “International solidarity actions with Hong Kong democracy struggle”

Hong Kong: Beijing rigs legislative by-elections

Demosisto’s Agnes Chow is blocked from standing in March by-election with others likely to follow


As widely feared the Chinese dictatorship has begun blocking pro-democracy candidates from standing in upcoming by-elections to fill four of the seats left empty after the ousting of six opposition legislators last year. The move is the latest in Hong Kong’s creeping coup against the mass democracy movement.

Agnes Chow Ting, a 21-year-old spokesperson for Demosisto, a Continue reading “Hong Kong: Beijing rigs legislative by-elections”