China Shuts Down Comedy Streaming Channel Over ‘Insult’ to War Hero

By Yang Fan

This article first appeared in Radio Free Asia on 18 May 2018
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China’s internet regulator on Thursday shut down the account of a popular comedy streaming channel for “dishonoring” the ruling Chinese Communist Party’s revolutionary heroes and martyrs, official media reported. Continue reading “China Shuts Down Comedy Streaming Channel Over ‘Insult’ to War Hero”

China shuts 128,000 ‘harmful’ websites in 2017: state media

Report by SCMP

Announcement comes as the authorities tighten control of content on the internet, amid already routine censorship of the media

China shut as many as 128,000 websites that contained obscene and other “harmful” information in 2017, the state-run Xinhua news agency reported late on Monday, citing government data.

Xinhua said 30.9 million illegal publications were confiscated over the course of the year, while 1,900 people were subject to criminal penalties, according to figures from the national office in charge of combating pornography and illegal publications.

China has been tightening controls over internet content as part of efforts to maintain “social stability”, taking on “vulgar” and pornographic content as well as the unauthorised dissemination of news. Continue reading “China shuts 128,000 ‘harmful’ websites in 2017: state media”