Responsible media should not act as Beijing’s pawns when reporting on staged, forced confessions

HKFP:Peter Dahlin

I wouldn’t claim to be an expert on the resumption of China’s cultural revolution era-type forced TV confessions, but as one of the 70 or more people who have been made to ‘confess’ on TV, always before any trial – often even before having been arrested – since Xi Jinping’s ascent, I do have a few cents to add on the subject.

Was Gui Minhai’s latest, his third, scripted by Continue reading “Responsible media should not act as Beijing’s pawns when reporting on staged, forced confessions”

Chinese Police Seize Publisher From Train in Front of Diplomats

The New York Times: CHRIS BUCKLEY

BEIJING — A Hong Kong-based book publisher with Swedish citizenship who was secretly spirited to China and held in custody for two years, igniting international controversy, has disappeared again in dramatic fashion — snatched from a train bound for Beijing under the eyes of two Swedish diplomats.

The bookseller, Gui Minhai, became a symbol of the Chinese government’s determination to smother criticism from abroad when he was Continue reading “Chinese Police Seize Publisher From Train in Front of Diplomats”

Swedish bookseller ‘snatched by Chinese agents from train’

The Guardian: Tom Philips

Daughter says Gui Minhai was taken off train as he travelled to Beijing with group of diplomats

A Swedish publisher believed to have been abducted by Chinese agents after riling Beijing with his books about the peccadilloes of the Communist party’s elite has allegedly been snatched for a second time while travelling to Beijing by train with a group of European diplomats. Continue reading “Swedish bookseller ‘snatched by Chinese agents from train’”