China Shutters Maoist ‘Utopia’ Website, Social Media Account

By Gao Feng

This article first appeared in Radio Free Asia on 21 May 2018
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The ruling Chinese Communist Party has pulled the plug on a prominent Maoist website amid concerns it may boost extreme nationalist sentiment that could undermine Beijing’s trade policy with the United States, analysts said on Monday. Continue reading “China Shutters Maoist ‘Utopia’ Website, Social Media Account”

全球25個城市抗議 聲援香港民主抗爭

5月4日為五四運動週年,「全球聲援香港 反對政治迫害」運動在這天發起全球25個城市的抗議行動

「全球聲援香港 反對政治迫害」運動

抗議人士反對香港政府操控選舉、篩選參選人,反對打壓言論自由以至一切民主權利。抗議人士亦舉起反對習近平稱帝、寫上「結束一黨專政」的示威牌,也有人 Continue reading “全球25個城市抗議 聲援香港民主抗爭”

International solidarity actions with Hong Kong democracy struggle

Protests in 25 cities around the world on May 4 against attacks on democratic rights

By Stop Repression in Hong Kong

May 4, 99 years after the historic 1919 movement for democracy and modernisation in China, was the date of international solidarity demonstrations organised by the international campaign, Stop Repression in Hong Kong. The demands of the protesters were against manipulation of elections and banning of candidates in Hong Kong, Continue reading “International solidarity actions with Hong Kong democracy struggle”