Hong Kong’s descent into repression and authoritarian rule has shocked the world. In the past year, and especially since Carrie Lam became Chief Executive in July 2017, Hong Kong has suffered a tsunami of repression with the jailing of 16 young democracy activists including prominent leaders of the 2014 Umbrella Movement, and the ousting of six elected legislators. With more trials and possibly even harsher jail sentences looming, Hong Kong’s hard won democratic rights are being shredded in the interests of the Chinese dictatorship which is simultaneously presiding over the most severe crackdown in China since the crushing of the 1989 mass democracy movement.

The increasing use of Hong Kong’s law courts as a tool of political repression makes a mockery of the government’s claim to uphold ‘rule of law’. This is a part of a calculated agenda to roll back Hong Kong’s political freedoms and democratic rights. The Chinese regime evidently feels threatened that the mass democracy struggle in Hong Kong could spread to mainland China and inspire demands for democratic rights such as freedom of speech, elections, trade union rights and freedom of association.

Please show your solidarity with the struggle for democratic rights in Hong Kong, China, and globally – the struggles are linked. You can sign our petition calling for the release of political prisoners in Hong Kong and an end to the government’s repression.

TO SIGN THE PETITION go to our website: https://stophkrepression.net/

It is a standard response of the Chinese and Hong Kong governments to dismiss international criticism as “meddling” by “foreign forces”. This is hypocrisy because the Chinese and Hong Kong governments welcome foreign “meddling” when it means sweatshops, financial speculation and tax avoidance – and most foreign governments are more than willing to uphold this bargain by staying silent about abuses of democratic and human rights in return for trade and business opportunities.

The best support for the democracy struggle will come from inspiring grassroots solidarity – from labour, social and civil rights movements who are fighting on behalf of the oppressed and disenfranchised in their own societies. To fight repression and authoritarian rule in Hong Kong – and China – we need people’s solidarity across national borders.